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Volume II,  Number 1
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by FullHouse Software, Inc.
April 15, 2008
5415 Lake Howell Road, Suite 207
Winter Park, FL 32792

The first edition of the new year's volume starts off looking backwards at 30 years of property management.

Just as an aside, if you just can't get enough news about IPM and FullHouse, read the president's letter (in the About Us section of the website). It's updated monthly and has candid observations and rants. 

News on IPM 2008
We may be an old dog, but we can learn new tricks. One of the key things we learned from this year's "End of Year Close" experience was we don't want to do that annually.  We've tried webinars, pages on the website and a wizard - yet it's still more hassle than anyone needs. So we're going to eliminate it in the next release. 

Basically, the reason you have to do the End Of Year Close is to "zero out" the Year to Date figures and move a few numbers from "year to date" to "fiscal start total." So if we change the way we look at the data, that problem goes away. In a nut shell, we need to ask "what's the balance from January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008" instead of "what's the balance for the year"?  Both questions can produce the same answer, but reach them a different way.

That's the good news.  The bad news is that this change may delay the release, but not substantially. (We're also going to lock the charge/due balance to the tenant ledger card balance, too - same issue, different data). We are consulting with CPAs and other advisors as to how to deal with previous-fiscal-year adjustments and changes. Feel free to email us with your opinions!

For a preview of IPM 2008, visit here. This page is updated as new information becomes available, about once a month.

We are still seeking IPM 2008 Beta Testers. If you'd like to try IPM 2008 when it's ready for field testing, contact us at technical support

Web-Based Training!
Group or one-on-one  Web-based training is now available through FullHouse Software.  We offer structured 45-minute sessions for "Intro to IPM", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" topics, and personalized consultative training is to cover the challenges your business faces.

Cost-effective web-based training, or "Webinars" allow one or more IPM users to share a screen with the instructor over  the internet. You can ask "How do I..." and our trainer can show you the steps, then watch as you repeat them - like having a tutor at your side. 

For more information, visit our training page  or email your questions or requests to

Telephone Change in April:
New Number - (866) 864-4837

Remember the days when AT&T was THE phone company? Despite all the criticisms, it maintained an amazing standard of performance.  It was basic, but it worked every time. We have not enjoyed that level of performance from our telephone system vendors. Our regional telephone providers have provided us with voice mail that's spotty at best. Once again we're in the position of apologizing to our customers - and our CPA right in Orlando - for messages getting lost when it sounds like they've been left.

We've been working with the vendors for long enough, and made the decision to change in December. But we didn't think the "end of year" would be a good time to suddenly launch a new phone number.  IPM Users didn't deserve that stress! Imagine having a problem with your EOY and getting "This number is no longer in service. Please call..."  Egad!

So we're switching in April.  Unfortunately, this means the 407-919-9690 number will eventually be retired; for at least 6 months it will still ring and may even be answered.  Our 800 number, 800-653-8424 will still be the same. Our new incoming number will be (866) 864-4837

The other twist is that the new system will have a new menu system that will direct you to the service you need more quickly. Don't worry, you've only got four options:

1 - Sales 
2 - Activation Codes
3 - Training and Consulting
4 - Technical Support and Administration

...and we get a better track of every incoming call, and automatic call following, so the voice mail will find us anywhere we are, any time.  Really. We hope. If it works as planned, it will help us respond more quickly to requests for like unlock codes, and get requests for support to the right resource directly.  And we'll have music on hold, so we'll stop humming in your ear.

We do have some qualms about having a menu system answer the phone, but current volume makes it almost impossible to have a real, live person answer the phone most of the time  - we're all on the phone. Anyway, we apologize to our customers, and hope this is the last phone change until we build our corporate campus on our private island (i.e., a long time from now). 

2007.13  Available

A few more features, and of course more bug fixes. 

Enhancements include an improved Owner List and a long-overdue "autoselect" option for creating Vendor 1099s (yes, we closed the barn door after the horses have left).

Fixes include the month order on Budget screen, a return to the new tenant on the Add Tenant screen, correcting the indexes when changing tenant names (No more "Tenant not Found" messages), posting for accrual entries with blank descriptions, and the YTD operating statement for non-calendar year Fiscal Years.

This update is free for everyone with IPM 2007 on Maintenance. It's available here. Run the
2007.13 service pack to update your installation of IPM. 

Find out about all our Known Issues and Enhancements on our forum


IPM 2004 and Earlier 
No Longer Supported

As of January 1, 2008, support is no longer available for IPM 2004 and earlier versions.  For IPM 2006, support will be available at $50 per incident. Technical Support will be limited to installs, unlocks, and some basic operational issues ("where is my database?"). 

Support for database issues may be available at standard consulting rates. If the issue results from a bug fixed in later releases, you may select to upgrade at the full price ($395/Basic, $695/Unlimited). Consulting fees will be fully credited toward this purchase.

Unlock and installation help may be available for IPM 2004 and earlier versions at $50 per incident.  Other requests for support will be considered on a case by case basis at consulting rates, as time permits.  Our consulting rate for database issues ranges between $65 and $125/hr with a three hour minimum.


IPM Turns 30! 

1978. Jimmy Carter was President.  "Shadow Dancing"  by Andy Gibb was the number one song. The original "Halloween" was in theatres.   The Apple ][ was the hot computer.  Microsoft was still miniscule and operating out of Albuquerque, NM. Robert Maxwell began Realty Automation to market property management software for the Altair 8800, the same computer for which Microsoft released its first BASIC language.

This year we'll be celebrating Bob Maxwell, Realty Automation, and our IPM Users. The celebration will culminate with our release of IPM 10.0 in June. 

Throughout the year, we will also be presenting brief visits with our long-time customers.  We know we have users who've been using IPM and its predecessors since the beginning, and we're looking for the lowest serial number.  To the best of our knowledge, the lowest number still in use is 106! Our early data leaves something to be desired, but who knew it was going to last 30 years? If you've got a lower serial number, please contact us. We'd like to chat - and get you on maintenance!

Watch upcoming newsletters and the website for more details.

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