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Volume I,  Number 4
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The Fourth volume of this newsletter touches on some exciting developments, and the growing alliance between FullHouse and its users - one of whom we welcome as our Trainer!  

Easier Remote Support
FullHouse Software has switched remote access technology from Webex to Citrix Online's "GoToAssist". Like Webex, GoToAssist provides safe, fast desktop sharing, training and support tools, but is easier for you to use. It requires less information to create your first session and installs only one small "applet" to connect. This eliminates the need for you to "find the information bar" and it works with even 56K modem connections (reasonably well).

For live remote support, please call 407-919-9690, and have your serial number ready. We will continue to support all IPM users throughout the end of 2007, but after that if you are not on a current maintenance plan, you may pay $50 per incident or technical support may not be available.

IPM 2008 Sneak Preview!
The next version of IPM is under development, and includes too many enhancement to list! 

It's an evolution from IPM 2007, with a focus on being simpler to use, less screens to navigate and fewer clicks or keystrokes everywhere.  And, of course, stability and data security.

Common user requests include accessing multiple screens at the same time, long file names, integrated email and web, ability to include photos for members, units and properties, integration with Microsoft Office, longer fields, better handling for names, the ability to create "ad hoc" lists...and much more!

For a really, really preliminary view of IPM 2008, and information about its features and functions, visit here. This page will be periodically updated as new information becomes available.

We are seeking IPM 2008 Beta Testers. If you'd like to try IPM 2008 when it's ready for field testing, contact us at technical support

Canadian Date Format
The Canadian Payments Association
has new date formats for cheques, effective July 2007.  

IPM 2007 meets these standards, but earlier releases do not. If you haven't updated, you may need to stick with writing manual checks, eh?

Tracking System 
Added to IPM 2007.8!

August 24, 2007. When we released IPM 2007, we promised an update to serve some specific requests from Condo and  Home Owners' Association managers.  We've fulfilled that promise in IPM 2007.8.  "The new Tracking system is aimed at the needs of  association managers, but rental managers can use it for delinquencies, too." says Bill Bennett, President of FullHouse Software, "Normally, a feature this significant would be the centerpiece of a version release, but had so many managers asking for it we introduced it as an update in IPM 2007. Consider it just another bonus of the maintenance plan!"

Other notable features to this update include:

  • Enhanced label printing - now you don't have to waste a page of labels to get only one label!  Owner, Member/Tenant and Vendor labels can now be adjusted to start printing at any row or column on the page. And Tenant, Tenant/Member and Vendor screens allow you to easily print just one label!
    Tenant/member "Alert" - Ever have a tenant you've been trying to talk to for weeks walk in when you're out? Now IPM has an "alert" field you can use for a message to your staff, and key alerts tied to it throughout the program. 

  • End Of Year Wizard - improved support for Accrual accounting and mixed databases!

  • Lien and Eviction handling - Enter a date here, and IPM will warn off receiving monies for the tenant. You can still do it, but you've been warned. 

IPM's new tracking system is designed to simplify management of violations, architectural requests and delinquencies. By establishing simple, basic steps in the process, and then making those steps easy to implement IPM helps ensure consistent enforcement and professionalism - and gives you a printable history of every action taken.

The Tracking system consists of two parts, a "setup" through the Set System Defaults screen, and a Member/Tenant Tracking screen.  The Setup allows you to define the steps for the events being tracked, such as "First Warning" or "Board Action", and the trackable items such as "Architectural Review" or "Parking violation".  The Member/Tenant section of the system records and manages actual incidents of a particular trackable item for a member - for exmaple, a member wants architectural review on a paint color. The tracking system helps you manage the process from application to resolution, and gives you the detailed history for board reporting.

 One More Time:

Yes, we really mean it. Support for IPM 2004 and earlier releases will end December 31, 2007.   You've heard it before, but we can't say it too often. 

We'll do the best we can throughout 2007 despite the fact that most maintenance contracts expired several years ago. In most cases, problems experienced in earlier releases are solved in IPM 2007. 

After December 2007, support for older versions may be available at $50 per incident, but  users on the maintenance plan will have priority. Bugs for older versions will not be fixed, and updates will not be available. Service for database problems resulting from the use of the older versions may not be available. Remember this when you think about your 2007 Year End Close!

Starting in 2008, IPM 2004, IPM 2002, IPM 2001, IPM 2000 and earlier versions WILL NOT BE eligible for the maintenance plan. If you
're on an older version you pay full price for upgrades and maintenance after  December 31, 2007 or get on the maintenance plan before then!


Earn Free Maintenance!
Recommend three new customers to IPM and we'll give you a year's maintenance and updates for FREE!
New customers must purchase IPM 2007 at full price. After the 60-day guarantee period expires, we will credit you with one year's maintenance and updates, a $295 value!


More on  Windows Vista
Word has it that Microsoft will release  Vista's Service Pack 1 in the second half of 2007, aimed at improving support for older software such as IPM. For more information click here. 

We recommend waiting to upgrade to Windows Vista, at least until that service pack is released.

There is a free patch available for IPM 2006 here.  IPM 2007 is compatible with Windows Vista. 

IPM 2007.8 includes all enhancements and fixes to date, and uses your older databases seamlessly. Users of previous versions of IPM can receive the update to IPM 2007 by purchasing a year's maintenance plan. The update is no longer sold separately as part of FullHouse's emphasis on constant improvement of the software and improved customer support. 

Watch your mailboxes for order forms and more information, or call 407.919.9690. Visit the 
2007 Upgrade page! for screenshots and details. Once you're on the maintenance plan, you can download IPM 2007.8 from our Download Center.

Find all our Known Issues and Enhancements on our forum

Web-Based Training!

FullHouse Software is proud to announce a partnership with Julie Johnson, IPM user and professional trainer.  Effective immediately Ms. Johnson will be offering web-based training, consulting and related services through FullHouse Software.

As a working property manager using IPM, Julie is uniquely qualified to help you work through the nuts-and-bolts of the monthly cycle of IPM. As a professional trainer, she knows how to coax the most computer-phobic user into a comfort zone.

Cost-effective web-based training, or "Webinars" allow one or more IPM users to interact live with the instructor over remote access software over the internet. That way, you can ask "How do I..." and Julie can show you the steps, then watch as you repeat them - like having a tutor at your side (but you can be in your bathrobe!) Some sessions will be recorded for your playback and review later on.

As with everything at FullHouse Software, we want to know what YOU want to learn. Naturally, we'll be offering free "end of year" closing webinars in November. Tell us other subjects you want, and we'll see what we can do! 

For more information, visit our training page  or email your questions or requests to training@fullhousesoftware.com

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