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Volume I,  Number 3
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Welcome to the third number of FullHouse Software's newsletter.  Once again the focus is on IPM 2007 - we're making a call specific enhancement requests.  

Our first Webinar?
We're thinking of offering a free "Get to Know IPM 2007" Webinar in June. This would be a 30-45 minute Webex session you could watch from your PC, with nation-wide conversation and discussion of features, functions and the future of IPM. Would you attend? Have a hot topic? Contact Sales with your ideas.

IPM 2008 and Beyond!
IPM 2007 is out the door, but we're not sitting on our laurels. We've already begun work on the next release. 

The details and specifics of the update will depend on major features of the new development environment, including print/preview, shared data access, remote office support and more. If you want your ideas included, contact us!

 Just A reminder:

Support for IPM 2004 and earlier releases will end December 31, 2007.   You've heard it before, but we want to make sure you're listening. 

Your year's support has already expired on all the older versions, but we will continue to do our best as long as possible. Thereafter, we will continue to provide free email support, but telephone and Webex support will not be available. In most cases, problems experienced in earlier releases are solved by moving to IPM 2007. Please note that source code for earlier versions no longer exists, so the best solution for ANY problem is move to IPM 2007!

After December 31, 2007, IPM 2004, IPM 2002, IPM 2000 and earlier versions WILL NOT BE eligible for updates or the maintenance plan. If you
re on an older version you'll have to pay full price after  December 31, 2007 or get on the maintenance plan before then!

IPM 2007.4 is Shipping

...and an updated Report Writer is available, too!

May 2, 2007. Since its public release on April 2, FullHouse Software has been distributing the latest version of its industry-leading property management software, IPM 2007, and is already aggressively enhancing it.

As the first release under the new corporate name, FullHouse president Bill Bennett says, "I dare say it's the strongest release since the first Windows version of IPM." And it uses all your existing data seamlessly. As with most major software releases, there were some issues, but FullHouse responded quickly. IPM 2007.4, released today, incorporates all changes and additional enhancements suggested by users of IPM 2007.

Users of previous versions of IPM can receive the update to IPM 2007 by purchasing a year's maintenance plan. The update is no longer sold separately as part of FullHouse's emphasis on constant improvement of the software and improved customer service. The maintenance plan includes all updates and patches throughout the year, webinars,  telephone support and live webex support. The idea here it to ensure that we find out about problems, so we can fix them.  Support for earlier versions of IPM will cease as of the end of 2008 (see information at left).


Canadian Date Format
The Canadian Payments Association
has adopted new date formats for cheques.  IPM 2007 meets 
these standards.


IPM and Windows Vista!
We discovered a challenge with IPM and larger databases under Windows Vista. It has to do with the new ways Vista handles memory, and how it "waits" - resulting in screens hanging and frustrated customers.

There is a free patch available for IPM 2006 here.  IPM 2007 is compatible with Windows Vista. 

We can't say there won't be other problems, but we can say we'll address them quickly. We recommend waiting to upgrade to Windows Vista, at least until Microsoft releases service pack one.

FullHouse Software, Inc. is proud 
to partner with Pipeline Integrated
to offer a cost-effective, proven and
 customized credit card acceptance
platform. Click here for more info.


New Hours
As of May 15, 2007, FullHouse Software will be  changing its operating hours to better serve our Western customers. Current hours of 9 am to 5 pm have been restrictive for Pacific Time users.

Therefore, starting the middle of the month,  FullHouse will be operating from 10 AM Eastern Time to 6 PM Eastern Time. As always, we're committed to returning voicemails within 4 business hours, and emails within a business day.

HOA/Condo Managers: A Call for Enhancement Requests

We're asking all Condo Association managers and Home Owners' Association managers for input for out next update to IPM 2007. We already know about "tenant" prompts, and the need for a tenant/owner-occupied flag, and violation tracking, but we're sure there's more you need! Help us improve IPM 2007 and direct IPM 2008 and beyond! Email your requests to technical.support@fullhousesoftware.com

Key enhancements in IPM 2007 include: email support, printing to PDFs and a plethora of new fields for email address, faxes, additional address information, insurance, printable check memos and more. There have also been more than a few enhancements to the 'look and feel' of the application.  IPM 2007.4 includes fixes for printing issues, new enhancements for finding and printing checks, and more. 

The major fixes in IPM 2007 include the "transient tenant" issue, the "partial posting" issue for cash receipts, issues with work orders and work order checks, and so many others we've almost lost track. As of May 2, an update to the Report Writer includes an enhanced preview - the number one request for that add-on.

Watch your mailboxes for order forms and more information, or call 407.919.9690.  For more information and screenshots, visit the 
2007 Upgrade page! Once you're on the maintenance plan, you can download IPM 2007 from our Download Center.

Check out the Known Issues and New enhancements on our forum

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