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Volume IV

Number 3  Two new webinars, Cloud Computing and a survey.
Number 2  EOY Close, Holiday Info, On the Fence about Classic or 10.
Number 1  IPM Classic release and Webinar. IPM Classic vs IPM 10.

Volume III

Number 3  EOY Webinar, IPM 10 news.
Number 2
 IPM 10 Release Date. 'Transition to IPM 10' Webinar.
Number 1 
Profile of  R.S. Tucker & Associates. IPM 2007.16 released.

Volume II

Number 2  IPM Turns 30. Intro to IPM 10 Webinar.
Number 1  IPM 2007.13 released. Chages at FullHouse.

Volume I
Number 6  IPM 2.8 User updated. Free Ride Ends. IPM 2007.11.
Number 5  End of Year Close Webinar. IPM 2007.10
Number 4  IPM 2007.8 released. Support for older versions to end.
Number 3  IPM 2007.4 released. Canadian date, Vista 32 support.
Number 2  IPM 2007 released! Vista patch for IPM 2006.
Number 1 
IPM 2007 enters testing.

Press Releases

IPM Classic Released
August 1, 2010. FullHouse Software announces the release of next version of the Investment Property Manager 2000 family, known as IPM Classic.  IPM Classic is based on IPM 2007 and boasts 100% database compatibility with IPM 2007. Unlike IPM 2007 which runs exclusively on 32-bit Windows PCs, IPM Classic runs on 32- or 64-bit Windows. "If you have three workstations using IPM 2007, you can replace one with IPM Classic and keep right on working," says FullHouse President Bill Bennett. "We wanted to offer a solution for offices heavily invested in older PCs to ease the transition to 64-bit computing. It's a great step toward modernizing, yet not as demanding as IPM 10." ###

IPM 10 Released
August 31, 2009. FullHouse Software announces the release of next generation of Investment Property Manager, known as IPM.  IPM 10 is a ground-up rewrite of the program  using the most current developement environment and culminates over two years.  "It's the next generation in a multitude of ways," says FullHouse President William Bennett, "It moves IPM ahead a decade in ease of use and features, and it's designed to grow as new needs arise."  Bennett goes on to state that IPM 10's  automatic update feature will ensure that everyone on the maintenance plan will always have the latest and greatest.

 IPM 10 in prerelease!
October 15, 2008.
The first ground-up rewrite of IPM since 1998 goes to users 10/15/2008. This culminates over two years' work, and the suggestions of hundreds of IPM users.  

Starting in September 2006, FullHouse Software took over the reigns of Realty Automation and began aggressively implementing requests from IPM users.  Since then, IPM 2006 and IPM 2007 incorporated over 250 user-requested enhancements including a complete tenant tracking system, a mass-maintenance function, new reports, and dozens of other features and functions.  Changes that were too sweeping for IPM 2007 were the foundation for IPM 10.

IPM 10 is developed in the most current development languages available, and incorporates literally thousands of enhancements.  More streamlined design takes the excellent organization and comfortable paradigm developed over a three decades of success.  It is the best of evolutionary - not revolutionary - change, with all the features and functions new users expect and all the simplicity IPM is known for. 

"IPM 10 is the first of the next generation of IPM," says Bill Bennett, FullHouse President, "Not only is it a huge step forward, but it lays the foundation for enhancements for the next decade.  Response from IPM users has been amazing - it's just what they've been waiting for!" 

A date for full public release of IPM 10 will be set based on user feedback from the prerelease, with the goal to be before the end of the year.  Bennett expects a flood of user requests from the prerelease process, and will work to implement as many as possible before release, and the rest will set the development agenda for the future. ###

IPM turns 30!
July 2008.
In 1978, Bob Maxwell saw an Altos computer, and had a vision of the future. In the years that followed, he became a founder of the Property Management software industry. 

Look for more articles featuring  long-time IPM users, Realty Automation's early days and our plans for the future. ###

Old News

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IPM Classic Released!

 August 2010

IPM 10 released to rave reviews!

 August 2009