Solutions: Condominiums & HOAs

Condominiums & Home Owner Associations

Whether you're cleaning house at an old association, or starting a new one, Investment Property Manager will put you on sound professional footing from the first day. We're less than half the price of our leading competitor, with all the key features.  It will make your board - and your accountant - happy.

Moreover, if you're considering converting apartments to condos, Investment Property Management is your best solution: it will carry you from rental to membership without re-entering a thing.  No other software tracks your transition so smoothly!  

IPM meets or exceeds the standards established by the Institute of Real Estate Management to ensure that you're running your business right. We do the busywork for you, so you can concentrate on serving your members and keeping your board happy! 

Check out the Community Association Institute  for more information about Condo and HOA associations. 


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