Which Version of IPM?

Investment Property Manager  gives you an array of versions and editions to work you business, but that means figuring out which version is best for you. We've simpllified that decision through this 'wizard' to walk you through the decision process.

Walk through the questions below, and find out which version and edition of Investment Property Manager works best for you.  


Here's where to start. Pick the best answer below. This will lead you to other questions that direct you to the version that will work best for you.

My PC is:

Two years old or older, or has a processor running at under 2 gHz with less than 2 gB of RAM (Older PC)

At Least 2 gHz with at least 2 gB of RAM or 64 bit architecture (New PC)

If you don't know, you can find out by right-clicking on your Windows 'Start' Button, then selecting "explore'.  This will start Windows Explorer. In the left side of Windows Explorer, locate "My Computer". Right-click on 'My Computer', and select 'Properties'. At the bottom of the screen that displays, you will see the speed and RAM for your computer.