We're Here to Help!

Whether it's printing a 1099 or converting from rentals to condos, we're here with 30 years of experience. Our technical support comes from the people who created the software - always in the U.S.A.

You're probably not the first person to have your challenge, so the fastest solution may be to look through the resources at left for the answer you need.  These tools are always free, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maintenance Plan

Our Maintenance plan includes everything: product updates, new releases, live remote support, telephone support, email support, product activation, webinars and our newsletter.  The plan costs $195 per year for the Standard Edition and $295 per year for the Unlimited Edition. The first year is included with the purchase price. No hidden costs, period. Click here to read all about the Maintenance Plan.

How to Get Help

Email Technical Support at technical.support@fullhousesoftware.com: Include the full version (i.e. 10.2)  of Investment Property Manager you're using and your serial number (both are on your Help/About screen).  Describe your problem in detail. Attach a backup of your database, if applicable. If you've got an error message, please include a screen capture of the dialog. We'll respond to emails within one business day, and usually within the hour.

Remote Live Support

(for Maintenance Plan Members Only)
Our technicians can connect to your PC's desktop and troubleshoot your issue. Call 407.790.7494 then click here to start a session.

For more information about support, Call
Monday through Friday, 10 am - 6 pm Eastern Time
Closed Bank & National Holidays.

End of Year Close

We know that even users who've been using IPM for decades are uncomfortable at the new year. Here are a couple of links to build your confidence:

The End of Year Close for IPM 2007/Classic

The End of Year Close for IPM 10

Support for Older Versions

IPM 2007
Support for IPM 2007 ended 12/31/2013.
IPM Classic is 100% compatible with IPM 2007's data, and is our recommendation for users of older versions.

IPM 2006
Support ended December 31, 2010

IPM 2004 and Earlier 
Support ended December 31, 2007.

Support for database issues for older versions may be available at standard consulting rates.

Our consulting rate for database issues range between $65 and $125/hr with a three hour minimum.