Remote Live Support

Help Is Only a Few Clicks Away

Just follow the simple steps below and a Support Representative will connect to your PC to troubleshoot your issue right on your screen. If you want to know more, here is more information.

Start a Remote Support Session
Remote Support is available 10 am to 3 pm Eastern time, Monday through Fridays when the company is open. If you haven't  already contacted FullHouse Software, email technical.support@fullhousesoftware.com FIRST.

Step 1: 
Click Here to start the Remote Connection application. If you are running Windows 8, Click Here .

Step 2: Email the number displayed under "Your ID" to technical.support@fullhousesoftware.com.  Don't do anything else to that application and leave it running.

Step 3: When we try to connect, it will ask you to "Accept" or "Allow". Please do that; if you don't, we can't connect.