Just to have
help when
we need it
has been the
best system upgrade
so far!"

Frederick Konon  
Winkler Properties

What Our Customers say about IPM


It's been almost a year now and I am thrilled that I switched to FullHouse. "

Cynthia Polak Baker  
Harbor Management  

I was scared to death of my new computer and your management software when I first started. Within the hour I was entering tenant information and financial data like an old pro."

Jackie Ends  
Quality Pacific  

... what changes you have made in 2007 have us
jumping for joy."   

Darci Roger   
California Community Management  

...IPM saves our small real estate and rental office an incredible amount of work.   It is not only user-friendly, but considering the power of the program comparatively

 easy to learn, certainly easier than learning the four other programs which it replaced!"

Sandy Harmon, Ed. M   
Realty 500/Trish Rippie Realty Inc

I have worked with Yardi and Timberline but IPM is definitely easier, user friendly, and intuitive!  I also have had fantastic response time and assistance with the support staff; speaking to a live person and getting the exact assistance I need in order to complete my work!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Nutan Engels  
The Scurfield Company  

IPM allowed me to double the number of properties I manage in a single year. No increase in staff. No overtime. I don't know how I got along without it."

B.C. Mabry  
Delta Palms Realty