Investment Property Manager

Investment Property Manger (IPM) is simply the easiest, most complete property management software available at any price. And IPM costs as little as 10% of some of our competitors!  (Look here to see how we stack up to other property management software!)

Since every business is unique, we offer products tailored to the size of your company, and your technology. We offer two versions of IPM, IPM Classic and IPM 10.

Each version is offered in different editions - Express, Standard and Unlimited for IPM 10 and Standard and Unlimited for IPM Classic.

IPM organizes your business, automates your paperwork, and saves you time. IPM meets or exceeds the standards set by the Institute for Real Estate Management, so you know you're doing things the right way, too.

  • Centralizes property and tenant information in one place
  • Real-time access to all your data, all the time
  • Complete industry-standard double-entry accounting
  • Flexible enough to let you run your business your way
  • Easy enough for a novice, sophisticated enough for a CPA

And if your "IT department" is you when you're not handling a bad water heater or running a credit check, Investment Property Manager is for you. It's simple to install, simple to run, and rock-solid. It has all the features you need, organized for business people not technicians. 
We're also aware that purchase price is only the start of your costs with a lot of software.

Our Maintenance plan means you always have easy access to live remote support from within the US,  and that you can always have the latest version at no extra cost.  Our maintenance plan is also among the most affordable in the industry at only $195/year for the Standard Edition or $295/year for the Unlimited Edition, with the first year always included in the purchase price.

There are only two skills needed to use it: point and type. It really is that easy.

So now the challenge is giving you enough information to make an informed decision.  We think these pages are the first step, but we know they're not enough by themselves.  Try our free trial download so you can try the software first hand, call us for a free online tour, or, if you need information to share with others, try the links below.

 IPM 10

 Designed for newer PCs and built for change. Easy to use, intuitive screens give you fast access to more information and streamline your work. View multiple screens at once, maintain data for several years, and integrates with Microsoft Word. Can use data from previous versions of IPM.
Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, 32 bit or 64 bit. View more here.

 IPM Classic

The latest offspring of the IPM 2000 family. Uses IPM 2007 databases and workflow.  Supports Windows 98 through Windows 8, 32 bit or 64 bit.  All the features of IPM 2007, plus enhanced printing, modern screens, automatic updates and online activation. Perfect for the office in transition or older PCs. View more here.

IPM 2007 and Previous Versions (Obsolete)
Look Here

IPM Editions

We offer two editions of Investment Property Manager to fit every business and every budget:

Supports up to 60 properties and 150 units. Customizable Chart of Accounts; Ad-Hoc Reporting. Maintenance plan required.
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Price: $595

All the features of the Standard edition, plus multiuser/ network support, violation tracking system and work orders. Maintenance plan required.
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Price: $995