A Letter From the President

October, 2014

FullHouse Software has survived eight years! That's something of a milestone. And a millstone.

 We've survived Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  And we're about the last of the "fat client" Property Management systems out there.  Everyone else seems to be scrambling for the "cloud" and internet based programs.  That's kinda good for us. If your internet connection is as unrealiable as ours, you're not going to want to switch. And the way Realpage handled the thousands and thousands of TenantPro users,  an alternatie is very welcome.

On a happier note, we're starting the design process for IPM 11 and a release schedule to move people from Classic to Classic 2.  Of course all this will be happening in late 2015 or 2016. It's nice to be planning ahead again!

On the other hand, we we be rethinking our prices, too. To provide better support we've got to have more money. Heck I'm getting tired of Ramen, too.  Don't worry, we won't be as bad as gas prices or Gorgonzola!


William J Bennett

PS - To our glee, support for IPM 2007 has officially ended. Now if you're still on that version (or earlier), we have every right to shame you.  Of course we'll probably help...but we'll make you squirm a little.