Investment Property Manager Classic

You asked for it, you get it!  For the last decade, property managers have loved the IPM 2000 line of software.  We're proud to offer IPM Classic as the latest addition to that family. Unlike IPM 10 which is aimed at newer PCs, IPM Classic has modest system requirements and is 100% compatible with IPM 2007 - but will run on 32-bit or new 64-bit PCs!

It's designed to allow you to move seamlessly from older versions or get started for the first time in less than an hour. And yes, IPM Classic uses older databases seamlessly.

IPM Classic

If you've used an older version of IPM, this is the release you've been waiting for. IPM Classic is based on IPM 2007, so it inherits all the features you expect, however, it also includes the best of newer technologies.  Here are some of the most popular enhancements:
  • Fresher, more intuitive and consistent look and feel
  • Automatic Updater keeps your software current
  • Support for  Long File Names
  • New, easy-to-use Bank Reconciliation Screen
  • Improved Move Out wizard and Move In Wizard
  • Intuitive Check writing screen
  • Intuitive Receipt screen
  • Designed for older PCs with less RAM and slower Processors
  • Updated and enhanced "year end close" wizard
  • Runs on any 32-bit or 64-bit PCs
  • Improved Report printing, including PDFs and printer settings
  • Mass Maintenance for sessment changes, CAM adjustments , etc.
  • Command line processing - start with a different database!
... and dozens of others.

More Information

Making the Most of Your Trial

If you're new to IPM and just kicking the tires, here's a guide to figuring out how IPM Classic will work with your business.  

Webinar: Introducing IPM Classic
View the webinar that introduced IPM Classic and demostrates it working with IPM 2007, including an example of it using the same database at the same time.

Making the Transition from IPM 2007  
If you've been using IPM 2007, this guide will help identify the differences, and highlight some key enhancements.


IPM Classic Screens

If you've used any version of IPM from IPM 2007 to IPM 2000, you'll be right at home. If you've used ANY Windows program, you'll feel comfortable in a few minutes. For new users, we provide a FREE introductory training session, too.

Click on any screen to enlarge.

Main Screen IPM Classic Tenant or Member Screen Tenant Screen Move Out Wizard Move Out Wizard Checks Check Screen Receipts Receipt Screen Bank Reconciliation Bank Reconcilliation Screen