Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions and answers.  If you have other questions, just ask!

Q: I'm cluess about PCs. Is IPM for me?
Probably. IPM is the easiest-to-use property managment software in the business, yet complete enough for a CPA. If you really don't know much about computers, click here.

Q: Why PC-Based IPM instead of a web-based program like Appfolio, Buildium or Rentpost?
 Two reasons: First, IPM is always available. That means you can always access your data even when your internet connection is down. Second, IPM makes your data as secure as your office.  Sure, all web-based companies guarantee data security, but so did American Express and the CIA. Anything you can access on line is available to others as well - that's the point.

Q: What kind of PC does IPM need?

A: IPM 10 runs on any Computer with Windows XP, Vista 32, Vista 64 or Windows 7 or Windows 8 and at least 1 gB of RAM and a 1 gHz processor for a small database. Faster with more RAM is always better. If you're running an older operating system or PC, you may want to consider IPM Classic. For full system requirements, click here.

Q: Can IPM be networked?
A: Yes, data can be stored and backed up anywhere on your network.  The Unlimited edition supports multiuser access to the data, too.

Q: What if I need support after the sale?
A: One year's  Maintenance is included with the sale, and includes updates, patches, live telephone and remote  support that connects directly to your PC safely and securely. Email support and self-help are always available and free. The president of the company is a programer/developer, and you've got a line to him if all else fails.

Q: Do you offer updates on the program?
A: Absolutely! Our automatic updating technology makes sure you are always on the most current update, with the newest features. These updates are all included in the annual maintenance plan at no extra cost.

Q: How long has FullHouse Software been in business?
A: We've been around since the first PCs! Our predecessor company, Realty Automation, started in 1978 and we have delivered over 8,000 Property Management Systems.

Q: Why should I call for an IPM demo walk through?
A: Because we can find out what features you are looking for over a remote connection or the phone, demonstrate them, and save you time. The call is toll free and there will be no sales pressure. Period. .

Q: Can I set up my own data on the IPM trial edition?
A: Sure!  If you'd like us to help, just email us at sales@
fullhousesoftware.com and we will give you a 10-minute tour on how easy it is to setup your data.

Q: Why should I consider the IPM program versus Quick Books?
A: There are four basic reasons :

1. IPM offers an integrated system that allows one entry to update the accounting and tenant at the same time so you immediately know the financial and tenant status.

2. In Quick Books you have to off load tenant cash receipts to the general ledger. Quick Books is very limited on tenant charges and billing, so you have to work harder.

3. You cannot combine the financial statements of two or more properties easily in Quickbooks. You can talk with a live technician if you need support with IPM. 

4. IPM was specifically designed for property management where Quick Books is a general purpose bookkeeping system. A growing percentage of our users are managers who have graduated from Quick Books.

Q: There are some similar property management programs that cost up to $4,000. Why the wide range in program costs?
A: We offer the same major features as they do, like a full general ledger accounting system, check writing, tenant tracking, billing, work order, and wide range of management reports. We do very little advertising and our support is done in-house. We're a family-run business, so our costs are lower.

Q: Do you keep up to date with Industry changes?
A: Yes! IPM has been at the cutting edge (not bleeding edge) since CP/M gave way to DOS. IPM is made for Windows 8 and beyond, and we'll always make sure you're current for no extra cost as long as you're on Maintenance (included first year)

Q: Are there any hidden costs with IPM?
A: No, we also include in the purchase price unlimited after- sale support for the first year (or sixty days for the Express Edition). Many of our competitors offer after sales support for a fee. You should ask questions about after sale costs, as this is potentially a very large hidden cost. There is little incentive to improve the program if after sale support is a profit center!

After the first year, our Maintenance plan is $195/year for the Standard Edition or $295/year for the Unlimited edition and that includes everything.

Q: Is the IPM system flexible?
A: Absolutely! IPM allows customization of the chart of accounts, account numbers, titles and format. IPM 10 includes  unlimited user-defined billing items, plus unlimited one-time charges like billing for a broken window, and unlimited user-defined fields to customize the software the way you need. An Ad-Hoc report feature allows you to generate lists any way you need them.

Q: Does IPM include legal notices?
A: We include sample legal notices that can be modified for local requirements and allows for additional notices to be added at any time. Since IPM 10 works with Microsoft Word, you can do any type of notice you want!

Q: I hate computers! Is IPM easy to learn?
Join the club! It's as easy as we can make it - if you understand your business and basic accounting principles, it's a snap. If you've had all your records in a shoe box, and hand them to you CPA in January, there will be a pretty steep learning curve. Set reasonable goals, and we'll do everything we can to help you meet them. We even include a free introductory training course when you buy either the Standard or Unlimited Editions! We've got links to beginning accounting courses, too.

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