All our software installs in Demonstration mode. Installations may require an 'activation code' after they are installed to convert them to the proper edition or to enable additional features.  IPM 10 and IPM Classic can both be activated online. We're happy to help install any update via remote live support. 

Contact Technical.Support@fullhouseoftware.com or call 407-790-7494 for an installation appointment, activation codes or more information. Watch the Forum for the most current details!   
For complete System Requirements,  click here.

IPM 10 Releases and Updates

Investment Property Manager 10

Supports Windows XP, Vista ,7, and 8, 32-bit or 64-bit

Our flagship offering! Includes User's Guide, 'Making the Transition' and other documents.

If you're switching from IPM2007, we recommend contacting Technical Support  for more information.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP SP 2 or Vista,
1 gHz processor and 1 gig of RAM; 2.5 gHz dual processor and 2 gig of RAM recommended. (A quad processor 64 bit machine is recommended for databases with over 300 tenants.)

Updates are available via IPM 10's Automatic Updater

New!Crystal Reports Patch!

Long-awaited fix for creating PDF on 64-bit PCs or XP sp3. Run this installation on any PC  where PDF export is not working.

IPM Classic Releases and Updates

Investment Property Manager Classic  1.xx

Supports Any 32-bit or 64-bit Operating Systems (including Windows 7 or 8)
If you have IPM 2007 on other PCs, here's your solution! Uses IPM 2007 databases easily, has the look and feel of IPM 2007  but better. Flat learning curve! We recommend this version for anyone coming from older software versions (you know who you are!) 
 Minimum system requirements: Windows 95,
384 mHz processor and 256 mB of RAM; 1 gHz  processor and 1 gig of RAM recommended. (Basically, if you can run Microsoft Word, you'll be able to run IPM Classic)

Updates are available via IPM Classic's Automatic Updater.

Investment Property Manager Classic  2.0

Supports Any 32-bit or 64-bit Operating Systems (including Windows 7 or 8)
Contact FullHouse Software about this version - it's IPM Classic on steroids, with many of the feature of IPM 10.
Note: IPM Classic 2 will permanently alter your database so it is no longer usable by older versions. (Hence talk to us before you switch!)

Beta Releases

No releases available at present.

Previous Versions

Support for IPM 2007 ended 12/31/2013

Installations for IPM 2006 and earlier versions are no longer available. C'mon- if you can't get Windows 7 and it's two years old, you sure can't expect IPM 2004!


Other Needful Things

Adobe® Reader
No PC should be without it! Allows you to view and print PDF formatted documents, an indispensible WYSIWIG way of handling anything printable.

CutePDF® is a robust, full-function PDF Writer that works effortlessly with IPM 2007. Install it and save trees! Upgrades for editing. Selected as One of the "50 Best free downloads" by Computer Shopper.