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The chart below compares IPM's  Standard Edition and the Unlimited Edition  If you need addtional information or just want to talk about what's best for your business, call 407.790.7494.

Features differ slightly in IPM Classic.

Feature   Standard Unlimited
Supported Businesses
Residential Rentals   Yes Yes
Commercial Rentals   Yes Yes
HOAs/Condo Associations   Yes Yes
Fixed Base/Marinas   Yes Yes
Self Storage   Yes Yes
Manufactured Home Parks   Yes Yes
Unlimited Seats   Yes Yes
Unlimited Databases   Yes Yes
Checkbooks per database   Unlimited Unlimited
Properties per database   60 Unlimited
Units per database   150 Unlimited
Users per database   1 Unlimited
Network Support   Yes Yes
Remote Office Support   Yes Yes
Multilevel password protection   Yes Yes
Unlimited User Fields   Yes Yes
Unlimited CAM Charges   Yes Yes
Unlimited Insurance Records   Yes Yes
Unlimited Attachments   Yes Yes
Unlimited Comments/Notes   Yes Yes
Pictures Supported   Yes Yes
Mail Merge   Yes Yes
Work Orders   No Yes
Unlimited Ticklers (Reminders)   Yes Yes
Automatic Backup   Yes Yes
Training & Support      
  Free Intro Training Course   Yes Yes
  Free online Tutorials/Resources   Yes Yes
Additional Training Available   Yes Yes
Maintenance Plan   1 yr* 1 yr*
  Live Remote Support
(part of Maintenance Plan)
  Yes Yes
  Automatic Updates 1 yr* 1 yr*
Customizable Accounts   Yes Yes
Previous, Current and Projected Budgets   Yes Yes
Laser or Inkjet check printing   Yes Yes
  Full A/P  & A/R   Yes Yes
MICR Check Encoding   Yes(opt) Yes(opt)
Check Templates
(Permanent Checks)
  Yes Yes
Aged Receivables   Yes Yes
Balance Sheet Yes Yes
Trial Balance   Yes Yes
Budgeting Reports   Yes Yes
Profit and Loss   Yes Yes
Cash Flow Yes Yes
Easy Checkbook Reconcilliation   Yes Yes
Multiple cash accounts,  including Trusts, escrows   Yes Yes
Tenants and Members
Tenant/Member Violation Tracking   No Yes
Customizable Billing   Yes Yes
  Communications Log   Yes Yes
Lockbox and Coupons   Yes(opt) Yes(opt)
Delinquency List   Yes Yes
Late Charges   Yes Yes
Triple Net Leasing   Yes Yes
Security  Deposit reporting   Yes Yes
Fast, Easy Receipts   Yes Yes
NSF Tracking   Yes Yes
Move In and Move Out Wizards   Yes Yes
Support for Short-Term Tenants   Yes Yes
Easy Labels   Yes Yes
1099s   Yes Yes
Report by property or checkbook   Yes Yes
Defaults for Accounts, amounts   Yes Yes
Easy Labels Yes Yes
Properties and Owners
1099s   Yes Yes
  Inventory   Yes Yes
Multiple Owners per Property   Yes Yes
Multiple Properties per Owner   Yes Yes
Management fee reporting   Yes Yes
Property Summaries   Yes Yes
Unit Summaries   Yes Yes
Maintenance Summaries   Yes Yes
Vacancy Loss Reports   Yes Yes
Income per Unit   Yes Yes
Vacant Units   Yes Yes
Ad Hoc Reports   Yes Yes
  Favorite Reports   Yes Yes
Accounting Reports   Yes Yes
Financial Reports   Yes Yes
Payable Reports   Yes Yes
Property Reports   Yes Yes
Receivable Reports   Yes Yes
Tenant/Member Reports   Yes Yes
Tickler Reports   Yes Yes
Vendor Reports   Yes Yes
Work Order Reports   Yes Yes

* Maintenance plan for Standard and Unlimited is free the first year and $195 for the Standard/ $295 for Unlimited every year thereafter.