Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Save Money! 
    IPM costs less than other packages, but provides as much functionality as the most expensive.

  • Enter Data Only Once.
    No Export/Import or double entry. Enter everything you need one place  in IPM, and you're done. Accounting, tracking, and reporting all in one place, from one entry.

  • Organize Information Completely.
    No shuffling papers or shifting between programs. It's all in IPM.

  • Manage More Properties without More Employees.  
    Each unit takes less time and nothing is missing, lost or forgotten, and IPM's ready to grow with you.

  • Access All Data Instantly and Safely. 
    All records are in one place with automatic backups for security and disaster recovery, and not dependant on your internet connection.

  • Identify and Correct Errors Easily.
    It's actually pretty hard to make mistakes in IPM, and if you do, they're easy to find and fix. There's even a report for that!

  • Designed for Small Businesses and Windows. 
    IPM is not a recycled DOS program, or something 'downsized' from a mainframe. It's designed for your business from the ground up, by people who use the software every day.

  • Add Professionalism. 
    Eliminate hand-written notes or forgotten notices. Everything you need to run your business is at your fingertips, consistent and crisp.

  • Unprecedented Flexibility. 
    IPM will run your business your way. From chart of accounts to notices, it is all easy to customize for your unique situation.

  • Easy to Use. Easy to Learn. 
    Easy enough for a property management or computer novice, but sophisticated enough to please an accountant.  Retrain your employees (and you!) in minutes.

  • More Reporting Capabilities. 
    IPM provides more reports than any other property management system available.

  • Specialized Subsystems for Your Business
    An HOA is different from a rental, and we have the subsystems to prove it. IPM has a powerful Violation/Restriction Tracking system for HOAs and Condos, Common Area Maintenance for commercial rentals and imports for utility bills for manufactured home communities.

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