About Us

About FullHouse Software

In 1978, Robert Maxwell saw the need of property managers to streamline operations, save money and reduce paperwork. His ideas were laughed at by the same people who dismissed the PC. When he saw the power of the microcomputer, Realty Automation was born.  This visionary company was among the first to provide a compete investment property management solution to for the C/PM (pre-DOS) environment, and introduced its first Windows product in 1995. Realty Automation became FullHouse Software in 2006 to support growth and add additional offerings. If you'd like to read more about Realty Automation and our plans for the future, here.

Tradition plus Innovation

FullHouse has been improving and evolving its property management solutions as demands and times change. Our goal is to provide software solutions that are focused and easy to use, yet current and complete enough for sophisticated users. 

Poised for the Future

In September 2006, William  J. Bennett ("Bill") joined FullHouse Software. As a force behind another software company for nearly a decade, Bill  brings extensive experience in software development and operations. He started his first business at age 15.

As part of the next generation of management at FullHouse, Bill's focus is on a) serving our customers, and b) growth and stability for the future. "We need your feedback," Bill notes, "Your compliments, challenges and ideas set our priorities. I am very thankful to Bob Maxwell for the ongoing personal relationship he's maintained with our customers. Ultimately, we aren't a success unless we help our customers become more successful." 

That's why when we say we want to be your property management partner,  we mean it. You can contact Bill on our "Contact Us" page, or read his monthly President's Letter.